PineDB is designed to be an open-access community database with a high data transparency.

For the first release of PineDB Transcriptome Assembly (PineDB Version 1.0: June-15-2012), the following data is available for public download:

(1). Database Schema: txid3352v1.db.schema.xls

(2). Contig Sequences:

(3). All clean cDNA/mRNA/EST sequence reads:

cDNA in SAM formatt3352.cdna.v1.contig.sam.tar.gz
cDNA in BAM formatt3352.cdna.v1.contig.bam
Sanger ESTs and 454 ESTst3352.454.sanger.seqclean.newblertrim.tgz

(4). Data Summary for contigs with length greater than or equal to 5000: t3352.cdna.v1.ctglength5000ge.list.xls

(5). Whole database dump in csv format:
ContigViewer.csv ContigViewer.csv
PolymorphismPosition.csv PolymorphismPosition.csv
PolymorphismSNP.csv PolymorphismSNP.csv
PolymorphismOther.csv PolymorphismOther.csv
PolymorphismSAMTools.csv PolymorphismSAMTools.csv
SSRViewer.csv SSRViewer.csv
blastgo.csv blastgo.csv
blastec.csv blastec.csv
blastkegg.csv blastkegg.csv