Welcome to SCRISPRdb

Overview of the Database

This database allows you to explore the CRISPR of bacteria and archaea. Once you have navigated to the “Browse” page from the SCRISPRdb dropdown menu, you will have the ability to choose between taxa and then select the genome.

Upon selecting the gene you will see where the CRISPR was found. Clicking on the link that says “# CRISPR” will bring you to a page with more information about those CRIPSRs.

This page has various information, as well as visualizations of Array Architecture and Secondary Structure and the Repeat Weblogo

Selecting either a repeat or spacer will display a CRISPR Array.

From this page, you can also blast CRISPRs that you select using the checkboxes against a database of all other CRISPR sequences(?) for that taxa. After selecting the desired parameters and clicking “Blast Selected Spacers”, the results of blast will be displayed.

You also have the option of displaying a network that shows if any of the selected spacers are found in the same bacteria or archaea.