General Databases

  1. ResearchGate: Access scientific knowledge, and make your research visible.
  2. CRCID: Connecting Research and Researchers
  3. Web of Knowledge: Journal Citation
  4. Google Scholar: Citation-based Database (Chun Liang)

Biology and Biotech News

  1. GenomeWeb
  2. GEN News

Major Bioinformatics Web Portals

  1. JGI Web Portal
  2. iPlant Collaborative
  3. Arabidopsis Information Portal
  4. TAIR: The Arabidopsis Information Resource
  5. RNA Central

Other Resources

  1. The Elements of Bioinformatics
  2. 1000 Genomes
  3. Salk Arabidopsis 1001 genomes
  4. DNAnexus: Genomics Analysis in the Cloud
  5. Foldit: Solve puzzles for science